The Creator God was not willing to let His glory only be known to the Twelve Tribes of Israel, so He announced through His servants that now non-Jews and Jews alike have the same access to a personal relationship to Him, which is by simple faith in the Messiah. Through that simple faith, new life, God’s own life, is poured into a person. He is brought into the family of God, and his shame and guilt are left behind. A person’s performance at any level is simply irrelevant in this, and only faith in the Messiah matters here. Of course living well and serving well are relevant for other reasons, but not for entrance into the family of God.

But there are so many that need to hear about this, and our strength is so limited. There are many strategies today to deal with this great gap between our little strength and the vastness of the need. On the one hand a group might just decide to send out as many families or individuals as possible to start preaching points that will develop into fellowships as soon as possible. Even if this were done by every one of the fellowships of the USA and Europe to all the neighborhoods and villages throughout the world that are in utter need of this live giving news, well, that approach would simply fall short. Are there any other options?